Customised business app development

HT Apps deals with the development of apps, web apps and professional software, from the project to the analysis, including the implementation and testing.

HT Apps benefits from a strong competence in this sector at local, national and international level, providing customers with a complete software that solves their specific problems, rather than forcing them to adopt generalised commercial solutions.

HT Apps combines easy use and stability of the adopted solutions. Criticalities can hide behind a software and not always they are visible at first glance. The critical issues may concern, for example, the design of the software or the writing of its code or other technical variables not perceivable by non-experts. For this reason, HT Apps carefully choose to rely on the most solid web technologies.

The products developed by HT Apps, such as the management software for companies and the attendance tracking app, offer effective solutions to problems such as the management of business processes and the control of Employees’ attendance. HT Apps technicians are always looking for original solutions for optimising companies’ work and for creating innovative custom-made apps.

Select the most suitable software for your business or let the HT Apps experts guide you in creating the product you have in mind. Together we will find the solution that best fits your needs. 

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us!

A short summary of our products for companies:

JO Hall is the management software of HT Apps that can bring value to your business and helps you throughout all the phases of the internal and external organisation of your company, overcoming those problems related to inefficiency, human errors and waste of time and resources. JO Hall facilitates the recovery of all the useful information for your work and helps you to maintain total control over activities, to better understand in detail what works well and what needs to be improved.

JOBY Attendance Tracking App is the attendance tracking software of HT Apps that uses the wi-fi connection to track the movements of your Employees, such as entry and exit times. The attendance app is a handy tool for Employees of public and private companies. By a simple click on the smartphone it is possible to clock in and report the time of entry and exit and/or the transfer to other offices.

JOBY Gps Attendance Tracking App is the attendance tracking software of HT Apps that uses the Gps to track the movements of your Employees and assess their work productivity. The attendance tracking app uses the range within which it is possible to log in and signal one’s movements, or by sending the exact position in which one is located, directly from the app to the platform managed by the admin and the manager.

JO Hall