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JO Hall is the management software of HT Apps. This management software enables you to easily control and handle orders, quotes, invoices, contracts, companies, projects and much more. Its modularity offers every kind of customisation, fitting the different needs of client companies.

Micro, small and medium enterprises, professional offices, shops and any other organisation, thanks to JO Hall, can monitor the relations with their own Clients and suppliers, optimising sales and supplies.


  • Quotes and invoices creation;
  • Schedule and monitor of meetings;
  • Activities monitoring;
  • Budget monitoring;
  • Meetings and calls planning;
  • e-Mails synchronisation;
  • Storage management;
  • Adv campaigns monitoring.

4 reviews for JO Hall

  1. Julie Bowen

    I found the JO Hall management software very complete, above all thanks to the customisable modules that enable companies to insert more tools in a single platform. We use it for different activities, mainly for the management of orders, for the warehouse and for quotes and invoices. Our subscription will last one year but given the usefulness and efficiency of the product, we are very keen to renew it.

  2. Mitchell Tucker

    Generally speaking, I do not appreciate the management software, but with JO Hall I changed my mind. I found the part concerning the administration and the warehouse particularly useful. A good product, I recommend it!

  3. Kristin Thomas

    For me adopting JO Hall in my company meant positively changing the internal structure and efficiency of my transport organisation. I purchased the management software together with the attendance tracking app and they both work very well and they complement one another. The customer service is always at our disposal and has always solved all our requests.

  4. John Smith

    I manage a small company with less than 15 Employees. To better optimise our internal organisation, together with my partner, we decided to try the JO Hall management software. After the first year, we were so satisfied that we decided to renew our subscription for a second year. Many thanks to the technical team that supports us every time we call for assistance, to solve small problems and reply to our requests for information.

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