JOBY Gps Attendance Tracking App

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JOBY Gps Attendance Tracking App is the attendance tracking app that uses GPS to track the movements of Collaborators. The time and attendance app works thanks to a range within which you can log in and report your movements or you can send the exact position in which you are directly from the app to the platform managed by the admin and the manager.


4 reviews for JOBY Gps Attendance Tracking App

  1. Alexander Murphy

    I use the app in both my companies, a cleaning company and an employment agency. It suits any context and I never needed support or assistance.

  2. River Jones

    I found very interesting the opportunity of importing the records, collected from the management platform of the accountant, for the payslips issued later this month. A feature that adds value to a simple and intuitive app.

  3. Lisa Lee

    I use the app in a company of 50 coworkers. Useful and almost essential now.

  4. Joseph Khan

    I finally solved the issue of the attendance tracking for the municipal administration in which I work in. We use the app for 20 Users but soon we will upgrade.

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